Destination Nihil brings optimism to analytic existentialism. In particular, it aims to explore moral and existential nihilism from an analytic, economic, evolutionary, and psychological perspective.

The kind of nihilism discussed on this website does not refer to positions that deny the possibility of knowledge. We defer to the natural sciences and logic to generate an accurate representation of the reality.

A far as (meta)ethics is concerned, there is a strong interest in Hobbesian contractarianism and the writings of David Gauthier, Jan Narveson, and Anthony de Jasay in particular.

Topics covered on this website include: empiricism, logical positivism, evolutionary psychology and sociobiology, non-cognitivism, moral skepticism, economic analysis of norms and social action, individualism, social and political philosophy, and political quietism.

The name Destination Nihil refers to the short story “Destination Nihil By Edmund Bertrand” by the horror fiction writer by Mark Samuels.